Welcome to Hotel Krogen

Dear Guest.
Unfortunately, we have to announce that Hotel Krogen has had its doors open for the last time. Thank you for being souch wonderful and fantastic guests who contributed greatly to the good mood. We will miss you all and hope you find another cozy hotel in the future.
The website is no longer updated, and is onwards only of a historical nature, to show what was. Sic transit Gloria mundi.

Hotel Krogen in Aalborg is a small, cosy and charming hotel with the settings of a classic villa from 1872. The hotel is family-owned and with its 12 rooms it is one of the smallest in Denmark. The atmosphere is unique and is not to be found elsewhere in the country.

The hotel is placed in Hasseris merely 1,5 km from the centre of Aalborg. Hasseris is known for its quiet neighbourhoods and green areas where it is possible to enjoy a walk among some of the most amazing villas and gardens. Moreover some of the greatest sights and attractions such as Kunsten, the Zoo and the Aalborg tower are to be found within comfortable walking distance.

If in doubt, have a chat with us regarding what you would like to experience while you are in Aalborg and let us help and guide you.

We look forward seeing you here!

Lotte Fenger and David Clement
+45 98 12 17 05