The Garden / Railway


The Garden

Another aspect of Hotel Krogen is the large and charming garden with plenty of space for peaceful moments and the possibility of enjoying a book and a glass of wine.

All of our guests benefit quite a lot from the garden whether it is used for work relations (we provide wireless internet in the garden), enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, playing with the children or simply to enjoy the quiet surroundings in good company. The great old copper beech is also a great part of the garden’s charming and cosy atmosphere.

The Railway

What also makes the garden unique is the garden railway. With its approximately 460 metres of rails the railway is one of the largest in northern Europe.

The rails are characterised as “Gauge One” which defines the distance as 45 mm. on a scale of 1:32. What makes the railway very unique is the fact that only steam-driven locomotives run on the track. It is definitely worth taking a look when one of the small trains puffs by while steam rises from its chimney.

By now the railway has become quite famous, also abroad, and as a result guests often visit the Krogen entirely for trying out the track with their own locomotives.

Further information:

If you are interested in learning more about the track or timetables for driving, you will find this and further general information on the hobby on the website:

Below, a sequence from youtube from GTG May 7th, 2011 where we had company from England, France, Holland, Switzerland and the USA is available.